Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Contrary to some beliefs, recycling is not a mere school project. There are many negative consequences associated with materials such single use plastic drinking bottles. Recycling or reusing a water bottle can help save the environment and reduce the volume of plastic waste in the community. Here are a few reasons to reuse and reduce the amount of plastic waste through recycling.


The Issue of Population

The world’s population is growing by leaps and bounds with the birth rate increasing and the retired population having longer life expectancies than ever before. As a result more and more people are consuming items that are taking hundreds of years to breakdown resulting in more and more rubbish being disposed of daily. This is true for both residential and business situations.  While there is no way to stop the increase in population, you can be one of few to accept the challenge of using water filter coolers and drinking fountains instead of bought plastic bottles of water. This can be done in homes and offices around the country and it encourages people to take part in looking after the environment. These unique water fountains make refilling easy as the machines have hygienic bottle refill points. With such convenient modern technology available, refilling a reusable bottle rather than purchasing bottled water is an obvious choice. Start refilling and re-using your water bottle today to help the environment.


Wealth Game

People are holding onto more and more stuff in their households resulting in an enormous amount of clutter. We are holding onto unnecessary items handed down from loved ones and gifts that we have received but in reality have no use for. The amount of clutter keeps increasing but we typically do not recycle these goods as we feel it is disrespectful to the giver.  This is not the way it should be, we should be thankful for the gift but we are not duty bound to keep it. Whilst it can be a difficult task to recycle a loved ones possessions we should all take note and encourage our families and friends to recycle unnecessary belongings.


Technology and Recycling

With more and more people relying on computers, smartphones and tablets to keep active and up to date while on the go manufacturers are beginning to move towards eco-friendly supplies. As consumers, we can also help by recycling our old phones, tablets and computers. There are now free recycling services for ‘e-waste’ and we should all take responsibility and help with the safe and environmentally friendly recycling of electronic products.


In Conclusion

Numerous lifestyle choices require more meticulousness when it comes to looking after our environment. We should all consider our choices when it comes to our possessions, what we actually need and how we dispose of those items we don’t require. Aquafil filtered water coolers and drinking fountains offer fresh drinking water solutions for homes and businesses throughout Sydney and around Australia.

Benefits of Water Bottle Refill Stations and Drinking Fountains

You have probably seen drinking fountains with a space just for filling empty water bottles around your local area. At the time, you may have wondered why or what for. Such filtered water coolers, however, are more beneficial than you know. Here are three ways they are helping the economy and environment.


Water Filter Coolers Are Saving Money

While it may be true that a bottle of water generally costs between one and three dollars, this adds up to around fifteen dollars a week when a new bottle is purchased daily. Drinking fountains with filtered coolers can keep money   in your pocket by allowing you to purchase a one off reusable container that you can refill multiple times.


Office Water Coolers Are Convenient

Imagine not having to  go in search of cool drinking water when at work. Fountains with coolers offer you the luxury of accessing  fresh drinking water throughout the day without having to leave the building or spend any money. .


Water Filter Coolers Help the Environment

Thousands of plastic bottles are thrown away every day and later disposed of in landfill. Some plastic containers end up int the ocean  where they are mistaken as food by birds and fish. The can result in them  becoming and dying from ingesting plastic. Refilling reusable water bottles at a drinking fountain reduces the number of plastic containers thrown in the bin and ending up in landfill..


Modern Fountains Are Ideal

Filtered coolers are perfect fits at schools, healthcare facilities and fitness clubs. The machines are eco-friendly and easy to use. Simply placing your water bottle in the designated space on the fountain gives you full access to purified water that is beneficial to your health. Although many rave about the coolers, a personal experience with the fountains is the only way to identify with all of the excitement.


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