Surprising Benefits of Water: 3 Things You Need to Know

No doubt most adults have heard time and again the benefits of drinking water throughout the day. The human body runs on, and even craves, pure water and in fact is made up of water; on average, the adult body is made up of between 57 percent and 60 percent water. Staying hydrated helps the world play longer, work more efficiently, and feel more refreshed. But there are surprising benefits of water that may be news to many.

Youthful Skin

Drinking 8 or more glass of water per day can make skin more hydrated, smooth, and less flaky. Skin also acts as a barrier to protect fluids from being lost. Water is good for the skin, so drink up!

Healthy Heart

When the body receives an adequate amount of water each day, blood circulation increases, allowing the body to get rid of toxins. With sufficient hydration, cells do not have to rely on the blood system for water, allowing that vital organ to work properly. Raise a glass to a healthy heart!

Bigger Wallet

It is hard to fathom that bottled water is consumed at almost 62 billion gallons per year on a global level. That number equates to not only money wasted, but plastic bottles filling up landfills all over the world as well. Why pay more than you have to for something so readily available?

Aquafil can provide solutions to offices, businesses, and tourism locations with office water coolers, a cost effective and convenient way to change water habits everywhere. These eco-friendly solutions ensure fresh drinking water is always available to employees and guests without making a negative impact on the environment. Aquafil water coolers encourage the use of reusable water containers while also providing what the body needs to function at an optimal level.

Office Water Coolers: A Practical Solution for the Workplace

There are many options today when it comes time to decide what to drink, especially in a fast-paced society where people are often busy and rushed. It may seem easier to stop and grab a soda or a bottled beverage, but those are not the healthiest or most beneficial options. The beverage our body requires to continue functioning at a maximum level and at its full potential comes from the earth itself and is not only refreshing, but required for good health: water.

Although drinking water is a better option than consuming soda, bottled water can actually cause more damage that we realise. The dangerous chemical inside the plastic, the waste that crowds landfills as bottles continue to accumulate, and the money wasted are all reasons to move toward a different solution: office water coolers.

A Solution for the Office

Employees today are busy and often pulled in different directions and may not always be mindful of how much water should be consumed each day. An easy solution to this challenge is a water cooler dispenser; beyond providing safe drinking water, it also makes water taste great and refreshing. Office Water coolers can also serve to encourage employees to utilise reusable solutions when it comes to water bottles as opposed to a disposable option, which will ultimately end up in landfill or waterway.

What other benefits can an office reap when investing in a water cooler?

  • Less waste
  • Cost savings-no more purchasing water bottles for the office
  • Healthier options for all-replace soda machines with water coolers
  • Eco-friendly

Office water coolers from Aquafil offer a smarter way to provide a healthy option to employees and guests. With an easy installation and setup process, the choice is easy. To find out more, contact Aquafil today.

Reusable Water Bottles Save More than Money

Most people are aware of the health benefits of drinking water on a regular basis. It provides the body with necessary hydration, it can help ward off headaches, and it helps to clean out the body. There are other factors to consider when choosing a vessel for this necessary element of life, including the cost and the impact on the environment. There are alternatives to disposable water bottles which can lead to better health and a more beautiful world.

Count the Cost                                                                                                                                                            

Australians spend more than $500 million on bottled water each year, which equals out to 700 times more (per 500ml of bottled water) than paying for tap water. That money could be saved simply by switching to a refillable and reusable water bottles filled from a water cooler or drinking fountain.

Care for the Earth                                                                                                                                                          

Perhaps the biggest impact comes at the expense of the environment when plastic water bottles are thrown in the trash; not only do these bottles take hundreds of years to break down, but in the process, they fill bodies of water and trash landfills with unnecessary waste.

Cut Dangerous Chemicals                                                                                                                                                                       

After testing 18 samples of bottled water from around the world, German researchers found that over 20,000 chemicals were found in just one bottle. These chemicals have been found to lead to significant health issues, including interference with hormone receptors.                                                                                                                                                                   

Utilising filtered water coolers are a healthy and cost-saving alternative to plastic water bottles; harmful chemicals present in the bottles are avoided, landfills will be less crowded, and consumers save money each year by avoiding the cost of disposable water bottles. Aquafil Water stations and drinking fountains help avoid the costly waste of disposable water bottles. Office water coolers and drinking fountains contribute to healthier work places, healthier neighbourhoods, and healthier people.


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