The world is a busy place, and it is not always easy to remember those 8 cups of water a day that are so highly recommended, and with good reason. Water hydrates the skin, helps to ward off headaches, and is good for the heart. On the financial side, steering toward water coolers and bottle refill stations also keeps wallets fuller and reduces waste in landfills and bodies of water. Here are 5 Easy Ways to Add More Water Throughout the Day to help you stay health and hydrated.

  1. Invest in a great reusable water bottle. It is okay to splurge a little here, since a good one can last quite a while. Get one for home and for the office, and be sure to stop often at the office water cooler to refill throughout the day!
  2. Drink water at restaurants. Skip the cost of carbonated beverages or expensive juices; instead, take the wallet-friendly road and save some money while also taking in something good.
  3. Add some fruit. A slice of lemon or a few strawberries can turn ordinary water into a treat.
  4. Set a timer. Both cell phones and watches have timer functions, so if it is a challenge to stay hydrated, create a reminder and drink water at least every half hour.
  5. Buy some fun straws. Staying hydrated does not have to be boring!

Providing access to clean, cold water is easy to do with a water cooler from Aquafil.  There are many options available for office spaces, schools, and commercial buildings. Filtered water coolers save money, reduce the environmental impact on the earth, and encourage others to stay hydrated by refilling throughout the day. Drinking adequate amounts of water is good for the body and the mind, and by utilising reusable water bottles, it is also good for the world. For water cooler solutions, Aquafil can help.