Why Choose aquafil?water_bubblers

Our water bubblers, drinking fountains and refill stations are testament to our …

  • QUALITY designs
  • EXCELLENCE in manufacturing
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY savvy manufacturing processes
  • PASSION, and
  • COMMITTMENT to providing a memorable customer experience


and let us help you choose your ideal water bubbler and refill station.

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What we do

The range of aquafi water bubblers and refill stations are a testament to the passionate team at Arrow Alpha. A team of thinkers, designers, problem solvers and inventors who don’t see obstacles, only challenges.

For more than two decades, Arrow Alpha have listened and created fresh, modern and sustainable solutions for building a better tomorrow.

Your challenges – Our inspiration

When approached by Manly Council with a request to retrofit taps onto the existing signage to provide fresh filtered water to the public, the aquafil brand was born. Since then aquafil has grown into a unique diverse range of water refill stations, drinking fountains and water bubblers that can be found in parks, schools, universities, colleges, shopping precincts, sporting grounds and other public areas both in Australia and overseas.

Today and Beyond

aquafil’s  designs and manufacturing process reflect our passion for the environment. Every step in the manufacturing process is as clean, green and as sustainable as possible keeping our environmental impact to an absolute minimum.

We focus on improving the eco-efficiency of our manufacturing systems to reduce energy, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This reduction in energy costs also reduces production costs resulting in a WIN-WIN solution for our clients and the environment.

Creating a better environment today for a more sustainable tomorrow

 Refresh for Life