The average water use per person varies but estimates put it at between 80 and 100 gallons per day. When you take a look at how we use water in the home, it isn’t hard to believe such figures. This is also why many communities and utilities offer rebates when you install flow regulators on all taps, in the shower and use efficient flushing toilets. But how are we wasting water? Let’s take a look at how much water is used in the average household and how.


1 – Bathroom

The bathroom uses probably the most water in the household. If you have a tub you can expect to use about 36-gallons of water. A shower uses considerably less totaling roughly 2-gallons per minute with the key here to take short showers to reduce your average water use. Flushing the toilet will use about 3-gallons per flush. Newer models are designed to use less water and that is about 1.6 gallons per flush.


2 – Kitchen

The dishwasher will use between 6 and 16 gallons if it is an older model. Newer styles use under 6 gallons per wash cycle. Conversely, washing dishes by hand can use 8 to 27 gallons of water with newer faucets using under 2 gallons per minute.


3 – Personal Hygiene

Brushing your teeth will use under a gallon of water and you will also use about the same for washing your hands and face during a typical day. The average water use for shaving your face or legs is also about a gallon, provided the faucet is turned off when you are actually shaving.


4 – Other Uses

The clothes washer will use up to 40-gallons of water per load – if it is an older model. Newer energy efficient styles have cut that figure down to roughly 25 gallons per load. Lawn watering outdoors can vary but with the use of a timer and bylaws in place in many municipalities regulating when you can and cannot water you will use about 2 gallons of water per minute.


How To Reduce Your Average Water Use

The most effective way to cut down how much water you waste at home is to use flow reducers and limit the amount of time spent doing some of the “water wasting” tasks such as taking shorter showers. Also, by turning off the faucet when washing hands or shaving, you will cut down on the amount of water that goes to waste. Cutting back on water use is wise as it saves you money instead of watching it run down the drain.