Promoting a healthy environment and lifestyle

More and more schools around the country are banning the sale of single use plastic water bottles and sugary drinks in the school canteen.

With recent research showing that consuming sugar sweetened drinks is considered a major risk factor for tooth decay, diabetes and obesity, health organisations in Australia have launched the Rethink Sugary Drink campaign. The campaign is calling for a government tax on sugary drinks and has asked schools to limit their sale and availability. According to the Cancer Council Australia, a regular 600ml soft drink contains roughly 16 packs of sugar.

Giving up sugary drinks and replacing them with water is the healthy option, but don’t do it by selling water in single use plastic bottles. These bottles have an enormous impact on our environment. From production to shipping, storage, refrigeration and ultimately disposal, single use plastic bottles cause unnecessary ecological damage. They end up in landfil creating toxic waste or in our oceans where they create disgusting islands of waste that end up killing our marine and bird life.

Schools around the country are becoming proactive in creating a healthy environment and lifestyle.  To find out more on the environmental impact of plastic waste and how you can make a difference read Climate Girls story on how she campaigned to have plastic bottles banned at her school. Read Climate Girls story