To adults, dehydration can cause fatigue, dizziness, and confusion. In addition, it’s hard to focus on a task when we feel thirsty. It’s almost impossible to give our 100% if our bodies are screaming for water.

That’s the case wherever we are. It doesn’t matter if we’re at school, home, or office. Both our brains and bodies will be affected by dehydration. It can happen especially when we’re at work. We often forget to drink water because of the work pressures, our own lifestyles, and other things.

This will in turn affect employee productivity. Physically and mentally, the results will show. Whether in meetings or in manual labour, dehydration will make the person perform below 100%. Sometimes, the person might not be productive at all.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. There are quick and simple solutions you can start right now to drink more water and prevent dehydration. No employee should endure the thirst and no one should get used to it. Aside from immediate effects, there will be long-term consequences.

So how do you prevent dehydration easily in your workplace? Here are a few tips:

Install a drinking fountain or water cooler in the workplace

One often forgotten reason why people get dehydrated is there’s no available drinking water around in the first place. Employees won’t drink water if there’s nothing around. That’s why many often just prepare a cup of coffee or buy sugary drinks so they can drink something. Some even buy and bring bottled water. However, they sometimes forget and as a result they don’t have water with them at all.

It could also be that the water source is far from their desks or stations. It becomes less motivating to get or drink water if one has to walk dozens of steps before they reach it. People would just forget about it and reach out to whatever beverage is near.

But if there’s an indoor drinking fountain or water cooler nearby, employees can drink anytime. Thirst doesn’t choose a convenient time and we can experience it whatever we’re doing. If there’s a nearby source of clean water, it becomes easier and we can stay hydrated all day long.

Have a clean and sturdy water bottle nearby

It also helps if you have drinking water within an arm’s reach. This way, you can drink water anytime even while you’re sitting and glued on the computer screen. For many office workers, they don’t notice that hours have passed already sitting there in one place. Hours might also pass before they get a chance to go to the drinking fountain or water cooler.

That’s where a water bottle can help. If it’s filled with water, employees can easily reach out and drink anytime. It becomes even easier if it’s always in their view while they’re working. They can take a few sip every now and then. This prevents dehydration and will help keep them sharp all through the office hours.

If you choose to bring a water bottle, make sure it’s reliable and stylish. The material should be sturdy (such as stainless steel) so you can count on it for months and years. The overall container should also be stylish because you will be bringing it with you and everyone will see it. This way, you can bring it easily and wherever you’re going (even during events and conferences).

Physical wellbeing can improve productivity

A healthy mind goes with a healthy body. If our bodies stay hydrated, it’s more likely that we can perform at our best. Both our minds and bodies will function properly and we can focus more on the task at hand.

A reliable drinking fountain or a stainless water bottle can help with that. It’s a small investment but the rewards will be worth it. In addition, the employees’ health is prioritised as well.