We all need to make sure that the water we consume or cook with is free from contaminants that usually hurt our health. Regardless of where we get our water from, be it from a personal well, a drinking fountain or municipal sources, we have to care about our health. A lot of people across the world are succumbing to Fluoride toxicity. This is through the consumption of water that contains fluorine, over a long span of time.

Fortunately, some methods have been proven as efficiently eliminating most of the Fluorine found in your water. We shall focus on some of them below, but first, we shall look at this contaminant called Fluoride.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is the Ionic form of the element Fluorine, which lies in the same group as Chlorine. This group is collectively known as Halogens. Fluorine is however far harder to remove from water than Chlorine or any other heavy metal.
Fluorine is not harmful at low concentrations of 1 ppm (part per million). Actually, at such small levels, it’s helpful to the body, for example in the prevention of teeth decay. It becomes harmful to the body around levels of 4 ppm or higher, causing problems such as teeth discoloration.

Finding the best methods for fluoride removal is of paramount importance. The most recognised ways of dealing with the fluoridation problems are Reverse Osmosis Filtration and Specialised filter media.

Reverse Osmosis

This is one of the most efficient forms of water filtration available today. It boasts the capability of filtering almost any contaminant possibly found in your home water. These contaminants range from sediment, mineral salts e.g. calcium & magnesium and other unwanted substances like chlorine. Fluorine is also effectively removed by this method.

Fluorine is usually eliminated at the Reverse Osmosis membrane chamber, where water is pushed with the aid of pressure of about 35-40 psi. Only water molecules are tiny enough to pass through this membrane, leaving Fluorine and other contaminants behind. The water containing these contaminants is then piped out and into the drain. Around 95% of Fluoride ions present in the water are actually removed. You can then direct this water to your water cooler dispenser or office water coolers.

Activated Alumina

This is a special type of Alumina, made by dehydroxylation of Aluminum Hydroxide in such a way that it becomes porous and highly absorptive. Being porous with tunnel-like pores will mean that it has a large surface area, which allows enough time for water to interact with the activated alumina before using the water in filtered water coolers. Long interaction time allows the activated alumina sufficient time to absorb most of the Fluoride found in water.

The method is capable of getting rid of around 90% of the Fluoride present, making it an effective method, considering that it can also be used for large-scale defluorination. A low temperature and PH have also been said to increase the rate of Fluorine absorption to around 95% when using this method.

The cartridges, however, need to be replaced over a period. The duration to the replacement of the cartridges mostly depends on the amount of fluorine present in your water.

Distillation & Ion Exchange

Other methods of de-fluorination are Ion exchange and distillation. These methods remove not only fluorine but also a host of other contaminants from water, which can then be used in water bubblers. Ion exchange uses exchange resins which are electrically charged to attract both positive and negative minerals. Distillation on the other side involves heating water to the boiling point and then collecting the distillate in another container. The distillate is usually free from all contaminants, not just fluorine.


The removal of excessive fluoride from your home water helps you and your family avoid health complications such as thyroid disease, endocrine disruption, arthritis, low fertility, gastrointestinal problems and cancer.

If the water in your area contains Fluoride, you don’t have to buy plastic bottled water. Just contact us for an effective method of excess Fluoride removal or storage water coolers Sydney and it will help keep you and your family healthy.