In 2008 Manly Council installed 6 filtered Water Bubblers costing the Council a whopping $55,800 to purchase and install ($9,300 per unit).  Each of these units consisted of a separate bottle filler and bubbler. In an effort to reduce the costs, Manly Council looked for options and together with Arrow Alpha came up with a design that incorporated the filler and bubbler into one unit resulting in the first aquafil water bottle refill station and bubbler. By the end of 2010, 12 aquafil units had been installed in Manly and since then the aquafil product range has grown and now boasts a comprehensive range of refill stations and bubblers.

With the ability to display graphics, the aquafil units serve as dynamic educational tools in promoting a sustainable way of living and encouraging a healthy lifestyle with the Manly units displaying the message “Combat Climate Change. Avoid Waste & Pollution. Reuse Resources. Reduce Carbon Emisions.”

Reducing the amount of plastic bottled water used in the community goes a long way in the fight to reduce plastic waste and save our precious resources, and lets not forget the savings associated with not having to purchase bottled water!

All the units are vandal resistant, easy to keep clean and wheelchair accessible ensuring everyone is able to fill up or have a drink.

Manly Council was the first council in Australia to provide free filtered water to the public and to read about the Manly initiative click here…