Plastic waste is a pandemic, but what can you do about such a global problem? Take these 10 simple steps to start reducing waste today.

  1. Avoid Buying Plastic-Packaged Items

Look for products other than those packed in plastic. Opt for food in glass jars and detergents that come in boxes.

  1. Use Shopping Bags Made of Cloth

Make use of reusable bags. Keep them somewhere handy, such as the car or next to the door so you don’t forget to take them with you.

  1. Make Use of Filtered Water Coolers

Plastic bottles are one of the most common forms of litter. Carry a reusable bottle that you can fill at filtered water coolers.

  1. Upcycle

Think of ways to repurpose old items instead of discarding them.

  1. Use Reusable Mugs

Just like making use of filtered water coolers with a reusable bottle, keep a mug in your purse, drawer or bag to have on hand when you order a refill. You could even use it at the office water coolers.

  1. No Straws

Usually, drinking out of a straw is unnecessary. If you’re thirsty, make use of drinking fountains or office water coolers.

  1. Wear Clothing Made from Natural Materials

Wearing and regularly washing clothes cause’s fibres to fall off, and polyester clothing is typically made of plastic. Opt for clothing that is made from natural materials.

  1. Use Compostable Tableware

Use washable and reusable plates, utensils and cups. It’s important to note that compostable tableware won’t biodegrade in a landfill, so you will need to dispose of it appropriately.

  1. Don’t Discard Electronics

If you cannot upgrade or repair devices instead of buying new ones, find an appropriate facility to recycle them.

  1. Use Your Own Container for Leftovers

When taking home leftovers from a restaurant, use your own reusable container.

To find out more about reducing plastic waste and making use of filtered water coolers, contact Aquafil.