January 14, 2013

aquafil refill stations helping save marine life

The ocean and coastline are home to a vast array of marine life. Life that is being threatened by the amount of plastic waste floating around the oceans. One way to reduce this waste is to reduce the sale of the single use water bottle. The aquafil range of water bottle refill stations and drinking fountains serve as a dynamic  educational tool in the fight to reduce plastic waste and conserve precious resources.

Lord Howe Island is a taking an active role in reducing the amount of plastic used on the island by charging a fee for plastic bags, promoting the use of Keg beer and installing aquafil water refill stations.

Lord Howe Travellers recently sponsored the installation of an aquafil water refill station at Lord Howe Island Airport. The Lord Howe Island Board assisted with free installation and two more aqua water refill stations are planned for major tourist spots on the Island.

The aquafil refill stations are to encourage people to use refillable water bottles and help protect seabirds and marine life affected by plastic pollution.

Not only is plastic waste an eyesore for tourists and beach goers, it also poses a serious risk to the seabirds and marine animals who are becoming sick and dying from ingesting plastic.

But it is not only residents and tourists causing this problem, it is people thousands of miles away who consume and dispose of plastic without realising the implications of their actions.

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