Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Contrary to some beliefs, recycling is not a mere school project. There are many negative consequences associated with materials such single use plastic drinking bottles. Recycling or reusing a water bottle can help save the environment and reduce the volume of plastic waste in the community. Here are a few reasons to reuse and reduce the amount of plastic waste through recycling.


The Issue of Population

The world’s population is growing by leaps and bounds with the birth rate increasing and the retired population having longer life expectancies than ever before. As a result more and more people are consuming items that are taking hundreds of years to breakdown resulting in more and more rubbish being disposed of daily. This is true for both residential and business situations.  While there is no way to stop the increase in population, you can be one of few to accept the challenge of using water filter coolers and drinking fountains instead of bought plastic bottles of water. This can be done in homes and offices around the country and it encourages people to take part in looking after the environment. These unique water fountains make refilling easy as the machines have hygienic bottle refill points. With such convenient modern technology available, refilling a reusable bottle rather than purchasing bottled water is an obvious choice. Start refilling and re-using your water bottle today to help the environment.


Wealth Game

People are holding onto more and more stuff in their households resulting in an enormous amount of clutter. We are holding onto unnecessary items handed down from loved ones and gifts that we have received but in reality have no use for. The amount of clutter keeps increasing but we typically do not recycle these goods as we feel it is disrespectful to the giver.  This is not the way it should be, we should be thankful for the gift but we are not duty bound to keep it. Whilst it can be a difficult task to recycle a loved ones possessions we should all take note and encourage our families and friends to recycle unnecessary belongings.


Technology and Recycling

With more and more people relying on computers, smartphones and tablets to keep active and up to date while on the go manufacturers are beginning to move towards eco-friendly supplies. As consumers, we can also help by recycling our old phones, tablets and computers. There are now free recycling services for ‘e-waste’ and we should all take responsibility and help with the safe and environmentally friendly recycling of electronic products.


In Conclusion

Numerous lifestyle choices require more meticulousness when it comes to looking after our environment. We should all consider our choices when it comes to our possessions, what we actually need and how we dispose of those items we don’t require. Aquafil filtered water coolers and drinking fountains offer fresh drinking water solutions for homes and businesses throughout Sydney and around Australia.

Benefits of Water Bottle Refill Stations and Drinking Fountains

You have probably seen drinking fountains with a space just for filling empty water bottles around your local area. At the time, you may have wondered why or what for. Such filtered water coolers, however, are more beneficial than you know. Here are three ways they are helping the economy and environment.


Water Filter Coolers Are Saving Money

While it may be true that a bottle of water generally costs between one and three dollars, this adds up to around fifteen dollars a week when a new bottle is purchased daily. Drinking fountains with filtered coolers can keep money   in your pocket by allowing you to purchase a one off reusable container that you can refill multiple times.


Office Water Coolers Are Convenient

Imagine not having to  go in search of cool drinking water when at work. Fountains with coolers offer you the luxury of accessing  fresh drinking water throughout the day without having to leave the building or spend any money. .


Water Filter Coolers Help the Environment

Thousands of plastic bottles are thrown away every day and later disposed of in landfill. Some plastic containers end up int the ocean  where they are mistaken as food by birds and fish. The can result in them  becoming and dying from ingesting plastic. Refilling reusable water bottles at a drinking fountain reduces the number of plastic containers thrown in the bin and ending up in landfill..


Modern Fountains Are Ideal

Filtered coolers are perfect fits at schools, healthcare facilities and fitness clubs. The machines are eco-friendly and easy to use. Simply placing your water bottle in the designated space on the fountain gives you full access to purified water that is beneficial to your health. Although many rave about the coolers, a personal experience with the fountains is the only way to identify with all of the excitement.

Filtered Water Fountain Stations: The Future of Plastic Waste Reduction

As consumers in this fast-paced world we tend to purchase products because of convenience. T.V. diners, instant coffee, bottled water, all of these items share one thing in common: they’re exceptionally convenient. The problem with many of these goods, besides their health concerns, is that convenience comes at a cost. When it comes to bottled water and the production of plastics, it’s our environment that pays the price.

Consumer Dependence On Plastics

Water bottles are the most obvious of examples to consider when looking at plastic waste. When we finish a bottle of water, we do one of three things: 1) we throw it away, 2) we recycle it, or 3) we litter. Even the best of those three options, recycling, isn’t a viable solution. The resources it takes to recycle and repurpose plastic into packaging requires a high volume of energy and resources. EchoStar Recycling is one of the industry leaders in recycling. To be clear, saying recycling isn’t a viable solution is not to say it isn’t a viable option. You should always recycle, but the first goal should be reducing.

In the United States alone, it is estimated that 1500 bottles of water are used by consumers every second. The next three largest markets can be found in Mexico, Brazil, and China. But plastic water bottles are just the tip of the iceberg. What are most consumer-based water filters (Brita, PUR, Culligan) made of? How about those 5-litre jugs you see on top of office water coolers? Those are all consumables that eventually get replaced, and hopefully, recycled. So as mentioned earlier, it isn’t all about recycling, but also reduction-based solutions.

Filtered Water Coolers vs. Water Fountains, And Plastic Waste Reduction

Environmentally conscious companies are innovating products designed to provide alternative solutions for waste reduction. Drinking fountains today are designed not just for those looking for a quick sip, but for people wanting to refill their stainless steel water bottles. Such companies have been tasked with solving the problems plaguing tomorrow today; problems regarding the correlations between waste, product lifespans and cost efficiency. Replacing wasteful office coolers and filter systems that add to landfills and oceans with every refill and expiration date has evolved from a thoughtful conversation to an actionable solution. Furthermore, these environmentally-friendly drinking fountains are also making a huge difference for business owners looking to save money through optimisation.

So remember this motto and the order of these words if you’re interested in change the matters:
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refresh.

How Water Fountains Can Save Your Life and Money

The topic of discussion when people talk about plastic water bottles is mostly  centered around concern regarding the environmental impact. The sad and unfortunate reality  is  not everyone cares about the  the negative impact of plastic waste on the environment. Some people need issues like environmental waste to have a direct immediate impact on their life before taking action. But there is a solution to this problem: change the topic. With that being said, let’s discuss the poisons leached from the plastics of consumer goods and how they negatively affect your health. And, let’s talk about how you can save money by using water fountains.

Bisphenol A (BPA), Phthalates, and Antimony

Simply put, the plastic used in water bottles is slowly poisoning you.

Antimony, frequently found in PET plastic bottles, causes depression and dizziness in small doses, and nausea, vomiting and death in large doses. ¹

Phthalates, are most commonly used to make plastics like PVC more flexible. But did you know they’re also found in the majority of plastic beverage bottles? More importantly, phthalates are endocrine-disruptor chemicals linked to a wide range of reproductive and developmental issues (reduced sperm count, testicular abnormality and tumours, gender development issues). ²

Bisphenol A (BPA), is the chemical that makes plastic bottles hard and clear. BPA is yet another endocrine-disruptor chemical that’s proven to be a hazard to human health, and is associated to certain types of cancer, premature labour, defects in newborn babies, early puberty in girls, reduced fertility in women, and neurological difficulties. Keep in mind that’s just the short list. ³

Most bottled water companies are regulated by entities such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) who, a) don’t consider phthalates a human health hazard, b) perform weekly testing instead of daily testing like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and c) aren’t inclined to disclose their findings to the public records. ?

Save Your Life and Your Money

Less is more in certain situations, and in this case, buying less plastic water bottles equals more money in your pocket. Money is saved when less tax dollars are spent funding the FDAs of the world, when recycling costs are down, when you purchase a stainless steel water bottle once instead of 24 packs of plastic water bottles every week. And money is saved when you or your loved ones don’t have to see the doctor. In today’s world, drinking fountains and resource-friendly water coolers are enhancing the health benefits of water consumption. Water stations make it convenient and healthy to fill up your reciprocal and be on your way.

There are no excuses for not being able to follow this simple motto in the proper order:
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refresh

We Need To Talk About Sustainable Drinking Water

Water is essential for survival and, in today’s convenience era, bottled water has become a way of life. Although it takes an average of 450 years for a disposable plastic bottle to biodegrade, often we don’t think twice about the possibility of reusing, refilling and recycling, in favour of buying, consuming and disposing. This is a nonsensical approach, given the devastating effect plastic waste is having on our planet, and also the money we could save in the long run by opting for tap water over bottled water or unhealthy sugary beverages.

It’s Time to Change our Habits

Fortunately, communities, towns and cities are beginning to wise up to sustainability issues and assume some responsibility for their environmental footprint. The Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative is just one example of some of the many projects recently initiated to encourage community members to improve the management of energy, waste, water, landscapes and materials.

Local communities and businesses can make a huge difference by discouraging purchased bottled water and instead offering the option to refill reusable bottles via office water coolers, dispensers and drinking fountains. These units not only help to conserve precious natural resources, they also reduce fossil fuel consumed in transporting bottles to landfill sites, as well as cutting down on harmful polluting waste in waterways, oceans and landfills.

The Eco-Friendly Choice

At aquafil, we feel strongly about the detrimental impact bottled water has on our environment and are committed to leading the movement for sustainable change. By promoting and dispensing safe, fresh drinking water in our communities, our drinking fountains and other products provide a substantial saving to the community, help reduce plastic bottled beverages and in turn help to achieve a healthier environment and a more sustainable future.

Our wide range of drinking fountains, refill stations and water coolers offer cost-effective solutions for all budgets and are ideal for a range of purposes, including offices, factories, public areas and schools. Every step of the manufacturing process is designed to be as clean, efficient and sustainable as possible, with a focus on reducing energy, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, thereby keeping environmental impact to a minimum. Full colour graphics are available on most of our products and are a valuable educational aid in helping promote a healthy lifestyle and sustainable living.

Help Combat Extravagant Disposable Plastic Waste

aquafil supplies affordable units to suit any application. To play your part in helping to create a greener future, and for more information or to obtain a quote, call us or fill out our contact form.

The Facts About Water And The Resource No Industry Should Do Without

Originally conceived following a request by Manly Council to provide fresh filtered water to the public, aquafil has since grown into one of Sydney’s leading brands of office water coolers, drinking fountains, dispensers and refill stations – featuring in schools, universities and community areas across Australia and overseas.

The Dangers of Dehydration

Easy access to a reliable source of fresh drinking water is vital in order to stay healthy and hydrated, especially during the scorching Sydney summers, and should be a top priority of for each and every office owner, educational institution and council board.

We all know that water is crucial to the healthy functioning of our bodies. What you may be surprised to hear is that a loss of a mere 1.5% of the 65% of water that makes up our body mass is sufficient to trigger dehydration. As we go about our busy daily lives, it is easy to forget to drink enough water or simply not realise how thirsty we are until dehydration has set in. The effects of mild dehydration can be extremely draining and unpleasant, including headaches, fatigue, dizziness and changes to mood and energy levels. The effects of severe dehydration can be devastating, potentially leading to blood clots and seizures, sometimes with fatal complications.

Help Your Employees Stay Hydrated

Despite the considerable negative impact that dehydration can have on the productivity of a business, it rarely features on the radar of bosses as an issue deserving attention or priority in the workplace. Installing a filtered water cooler, drinking fountain or refill station within easy reach of employees can be a quick and easy solution to ensuring that they stay healthy, hydrated, active and mentally alert. It will also help to reduce rubbish that otherwise accumulates in office areas as a result of discarded disposable water bottles.

Invest in a Suitable Water Source Unit

aquafil’s unique and diverse range of products are available in multiple styles and designs to suit any type of office or outdoor recreational facility. As well as being wheelchair accessible, the units are cost-efficient, durable and environmentally friendly. They also include a range of optional features, such as filtered or non-filtered options, water meters to track usage, and display panels that can be used for artwork, advertising or displaying notices and messages.

4 Reasons to Invest in Drinking Fountains with Water Bottle Refill Stations

As an office or school facilities manager, it is possible for you to provide fresh, filtered water to be utilised and appreciated which also encourages healthy habits and waste reduction. Great-tasting drinking fountains and water bottle refill stations have countless benefits, such as:

1. Fresh, Filtered Water without Plastic Waste

The producing, transporting, cooling, and disposing of water bottles consumes energy, wastes natural resources, and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Drinking fountains with water bottle refill stations make it possible to reuse water bottles rather than buying new plastic disposable ones. Having these units around can help encourage the community to reuse bottles and drastically reduce the number of disposable plastic bottles being dumped in to the environment, contributing to a better future.

2. Convenient Alternative to Sugary Drinks

The awareness of the danger and detrimental health effects of excess sugar consumption especially the hidden amounts in fizzy drinks is increasing. If you, an employee, or a student has the option to purchase a sugary beverage or to refill a bottle with fresh, cool water for free, the second option will become increasingly hard to ignore. Having filtered water available helps encourage good habits and avoid the temptation of consuming a bottled sugary beverage. Reaching for a refill means avoiding excess sugars, calories, and waste.

3. Trusted Equipment and Brand

Even if you are new to the aquafil brand, the chances are that you have used one of our drinking fountains or water bottle refill stations. Our equipment is used across the country, as we offer a range of units suitable for schools, offices, parks and community centres. Each high-quality unit delivers fresh water and is built to last.

4. Greener Manufacturing Processes

For aquafil, the fight against disposable bottles and plastic waste starts with us, not the consumer. We use environmentally friendly manufacturing processes to keep our production waste and environmental impact to a minimum. For more information about our unit types, contact aquafil today by calling 1300 400 006 or filling out our online form for a prompt reply.

Why Drinking Fountains Are Good For the Environment

You might not have heard about it but the news from a small Australian town called Bundanoon should have made society sit up. In 2009, the town banned bottled water and instead set up public drinking fountains.

Over the last three decades bottled water has become a way of life and even most governments have started using its price to measure inflation. It is understandable that when you feel thirsty after a run, you will jump into the nearest store and get yourself that ice cold bottle of water. This seems alright because after all it is the most logical thing to do.

Damaging Effects to the Environment

A Roy Morgan Research published in 2015 shows that 4.9 million Australians drink bottled water in a week. These numbers might not mean much until you consider where all these bottles end up. The effect that these bottles have on the environment is tragic and it is no wonder big cities are now seriously considering banning this product.

You might think you are the epitome of contemporary fashion when you step out your house carrying bottled water but you don’t realize the harm you are doing the environment.  If you are an office owner, it is time to leverage a drinking water fountain because this will not only help reduce rubbish in your office but you will also be making a firm statement against further environmental degradation.

An indoor fountain helps curtail the staggering effects that plastics have on the environment in various ways:

  1. Reducing waste in landfills: Millions of water bottles are dumped in landfills across major cities and they are not only an eyesore but also pollute the environment.
  2. Reduce fossil fuel consumption in transporting water bottles to the landfills. Thousands of dumper trucks run on the Australian roads daily and part of the waste they carry is drinking water bottles. A drinking fountain bubbler will help reduce fossil fuel extraction to feed these thirsty trucks thus contributing to environmental conservation in the long run.

Timely Drinking Fountain Innovations

Outdoor drinking fountains have existed for decades but today, manufacturers are leveraging technology to bring you innovative products that can even be used in the office. Portable water fountains are just one of the cutting-edge innovations that modern manufacturers offer. As part of modern day green living, water bubblers should be a part of every property being built today to benefit the environment.

What other solutions are available? Water coolers companies in Sydney have exquisite products including water cooler filters and water cooler dispensers among other products that will discourage office users from grabbing a water bottle from the shop. The range of drinking water fountains for sale are available in multiple styles and designs to suit any type of office or outdoor recreational facility.

Water ‘Kiosks’ – a big part of the solution

Philadelphia Water ‘Kiosks’ – promoting reusable water bottles

Linda Mathieson

November 13, 2015

There is a growing trend taking place around the world as people, communities, towns and cities are realising the devastating affect plastic bottles are having on the environment. With the push to reduce the amount of sugary drinks people consume another problem has arisen, the number of single use plastic water bottles purchased has grown significantly.  Most of these plastic bottles end up in waterways and landfill.

According to the Philadelphia water department, plastic bottles make up more than half the litter removed from the Schuylkill River each time it is skimmed.  Water Commissioner Howard Neukrug recently announced the installation of a network of water ‘kiosks’ that the rowing community and city officials hope will be a significant part of the solution. The ‘kiosks’ will consist of  water drinking fountains and bottle refilling stations in an effort to promote  reusable water bottles.

12000 reusable water bottles were given away at the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta, which attracts a large audience and where a number of portable water refilling stations were set up for athletes and spectators in an effort to send a message.

Philadelphia’s goal is to build a citywide partnership to eliminate litter from the river, city and watershed.

To find out more about Philadelphia’s water advocacy campaigns you can follow the story on social media using #DrinkTapPHL or read the full story here.

Water Bottle Refill Stations Promoting Sustainability

Local governments providing the public with an alternative water source to disposable plastic bottles

Linda Mathieson

April 1, 2015

The ACT Government has recently undertaken to install 30 aquafil water refill stations across Canberra in an effort to encourage the local community to carry reusable bottles and refill rather than purchase sugary drinks and plastic disposable bottles of water. This is a progressive initiative that will help encourage and build a healthy lifestyle for Canberrans whilst reducing the amount of plastic waste going to landfill. This will also have a positive impact on the cost of recycling waste from public areas around the city.

The water refill stations are due to be installed by July 2015 and provide a refreshing alternative to the old style outdoor water taps and bubblers. The aquafil water stations are bright, modern, and sleek and easily stand out in public areas attracting passers-by with an enticing clean, fresh water refill. The units are manufactured in Australia and are robust and able to endure harsh weather conditions.

The water refill stations will be rolled out in 2 stages with the first 10 fountains to be installed at sportsgrounds around Canberra. The second stage will see 20 fountains installed in popular public areas that were chosen as a result of a vote by over 600 people during a community consultation in 2014. Some of these sites include, Mount Ainslie lookout, Wooden Tower Square, Weston Park and Bunda Street in the city.

Water is an important aspect when it comes to good health. Drinking an adequate supply of water daily is crucial to helping your body function properly but clean drinking water is not always available. This is a problem in both developed and developing countries with people buying individual plastic bottles or jugs of potable water to ensure their drinking water is safe and readily available.

In developed countries the purchasing of plastic bottled water is on the rise and this is taking its toll on the environment with vast amounts of plastic waste ending up in landfill, waterways and oceans. This is an environmental hazard with plastic bottles taking hundreds of years to biodegrade and it is time for local communities to come together and say ‘NO’ to the disposable plastic bottle.

There is no doubt that local communities can help promote sustainability by encouraging the public to refill reusable bottles as an alternative to purchasing bottled water.

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