There are many options today when it comes time to decide what to drink, especially in a fast-paced society where people are often busy and rushed. It may seem easier to stop and grab a soda or a bottled beverage, but those are not the healthiest or most beneficial options. The beverage our body requires to continue functioning at a maximum level and at its full potential comes from the earth itself and is not only refreshing, but required for good health: water.

Although drinking water is a better option than consuming soda, bottled water can actually cause more damage that we realise. The dangerous chemical inside the plastic, the waste that crowds landfills as bottles continue to accumulate, and the money wasted are all reasons to move toward a different solution: office water coolers.

A Solution for the Office

Employees today are busy and often pulled in different directions and may not always be mindful of how much water should be consumed each day. An easy solution to this challenge is a water cooler dispenser; beyond providing safe drinking water, it also makes water taste great and refreshing. Office Water coolers can also serve to encourage employees to utilise reusable solutions when it comes to water bottles as opposed to a disposable option, which will ultimately end up in landfill or waterway.

What other benefits can an office reap when investing in a water cooler?

  • Less waste
  • Cost savings-no more purchasing water bottles for the office
  • Healthier options for all-replace soda machines with water coolers
  • Eco-friendly

Office water coolers from Aquafil offer a smarter way to provide a healthy option to employees and guests. With an easy installation and setup process, the choice is easy. To find out more, contact Aquafil today.