Perth Zoo recently installed 2 aquafil™ filtered water refill stations giving zoo visitors easy access to clean fresh water.

In an effort to raise awareness within the community about the benefits of protecting and conserving precious water resources and habitats, Perth Zoo ran a Water for Wildlife Art Competition.  28 Schools submitted a total of 393 entries and Danika from East Kenwick Primary School was named the winner.

Danika’s artwork is now displayed on the two new aquafil™ filtered water refill stations and her class will soon be
enjoying a free education experience at Perth Zoo.

Water is essential for healthy living and is crucial for sporting, mental and academic performances. Tap water represents value for money as it’s cheaper for the community than buying bottled water or other soft drinks.

Plastic bottles create toxic waste that end up in land fill, rivers and oceans. Many schools and communities have implemented the practical solution of installing Water bottle Refill Stations to combat this waste.

The aquafil™ range of Water Bottle Refill Stations and Drinking Fountains  serve as a dynamic  educational tool in the fight to reduce plastic waste and conserve precious resources. Full colour graphics are available on most of the aquafil™ range and are  valuable in helping promote a sustainable way of living and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

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