Encouraging the water refill

Linda Mathieson

February 5, 2015

We live in a disposable world due to convenience. It is easier to buy, consume and dispose of rather than reuse, refill and recycle even though the later can save us money in the long run and importantly help save our planet which is slowly drowning in plastic waste.

The common thought process seems to be, “What difference can I make, so why bother.”  Well, what a load of rubbish, literally!

If everyone bought one plastic bottle of water daily for a year, that would equate to 365 plastic bottles used and around $730* spent per person annually. Imagine the cost saving and plastic waste reduction if only 100 people changed their habits and chose to reuse, refill and recycle. The result would be $73,000 saved and 36,500 bottles saved from landfill, oceans and waterways.

So the message is simple, everyone can make a difference, you just have to make the right choice and change the plastic convenience mindset.

In America the Refill Revolution has a mission to encourage individuals, civic leaders, event organisers, industry and corporate to Rethink and Reject the disposable mindset by encouraging the use of reusable bags, bottles, cups and food containers at all times.

Their message is simply “Your simple actions will inspire others and help spread this positive movement at work, school, play, and gatherings large and small.”

I think it is time we all made an effort to change bad habits and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refresh!

Find out more about America’s Refill Revolution

* Based on a 375ml bottle costing $2