City of Mandurah

Februay 27, 2014

As part of the City of Mandurah’s commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, a filtered water drink station has been installed in the popular boardwalk area.
The aquafil water fountain, installed near the Mandurah Visitor Centre in February, has already been used by hundreds of locals and visitors during the Channel Seven Mandurah Crab Fest weekend last month.
The public drink station features wheelchair accessibility and is in a well-lit and shaded area, and is also close to the Transperth Mandurah Shuttle bus stop.
The aquafil also has a built-in dog bowl so people walking their dogs in the area can give their pets a drink. Cyclists do not even have to get off their bikes to use the aquafil, as the fountains are all at the right height.
The aquafil machine was funded by the City of Mandurah through the Federal Government’s Healthy Communities Initiative, and promotes recycling and reduced wastage of plastic bottles.
Passersby are encouraged to use the fresh, filtered drinking water to refill their water bottles and increase their water intake throughout the day.
Ann-Marie Gladwell and her dogs Cassie and Lucy took advantage of the dog bowl while taking a walk through the area.

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