Reverse osmosis systems play a crucial role when it comes to purification of drinking and cooking water at home for storage in water coolers or for use in drinking fountains. These systems currently stand as the best filtration systems that offer high-quality water production. This is majorly because they are made of different stages of filtration, combined into one unit.
This makes sure that all possible water contaminants present in your water are taken care of. These contaminants range from sediment, mineral salts and other unwanted substances like chlorine. Some are removed through simple carbon filtration, while others are eliminated at the semi-permeable membrane chamber, with the use of a pressure of around 35-40 psi. Only water molecules are small enough to pass through this membrane and therefore the other contaminants are left out and filtered at this stage. The fact that it removes a lot of minerals will mean that the system should also be cleaned and maintained, to ensure continued supply of high quality purified water.

About the Maintenance

Reverse Osmosis System Maintenance will surely depend on the quality of water that it filters. One of the parts of a reverse osmosis that should be diligently taken care of is the reverse osmosis membrane. This is basically the part of the system that takes care of most of the contaminants contained in water.

Doing maintenance on the system will ensure peak performance of your water filtration system. The system has a normalised salt passage standard and also a standard permeate flow. If the salt passage increases by 15%, you should consider doing a system maintenance. This also applies if the permeate flow decreases by the same ratio.

The RO membrane cleaning can be done in place, or the membranes can be removed and taken to a specialised company that offers RO cleaning services. The latter is usually more effective. This is because certain factors have to be considered in the cleaning process. Some are PH and water temperature. The flows also have to be checked and therefore should be done by a professional company.

Preventive Maintenance

This is a type of maintenance where you have technicians regularly check your system to ensure high-quality performance and effective output. During these visits, any filters that need to be changed will be changed, and any necessary repairs done.

After such servicing, you will be provided with a report of normalised data trends.

The 3 Stages’ Maintenance

Most reverse osmosis systems usually have 3 stages of filtration i.e. the pre-filter, Reverse Osmosis phase and the Post-Filter phase. The 5 stage Reverse Osmosis Systems can also be grouped into these 3 main stages.

Pre-filter Maintenance

This stage comprises of cartridge filters that sift out solid particles. This is to protect the RO membrane from damage. These filters should be changed after around 6-9 months, failure to which it will put the RO membrane at risk, and lead to more cost incurrence.

RO Membrane Maintenance

Since this is the most crucial part of the RO system, its maintenance is of utmost importance. It should be cleaned after a period of 3-4 months, to prevent clogging of the system.

Post-filter Maintenance

This is the last stage of the system, and its main goal is to ensure production of high-quality water, by removing any contaminants like chlorine that may have been left behind in the process. It comprises of carbon filters, which should be changed within a period of 6-9 months.


Reverse Osmosis Systems cost quite an amount, and therefore should be able to provide undoubtedly high purification standards for water to use in office water coolers. However, this cannot be achieved without carrying out scheduled maintenance of the system. Apart from ensuring production of high-quality water, maintenance also increases the lifespan of the system. It makes 10-15 years of efficient production achievable.

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