February 14, 2013

Why buy bottled water when you can reduce plastic waste and refill your reusable bottle at one of the many aquafil water bottle refill stations that are being installed around Australia?

According to this Sunday Telegraph article, many manufacturers of bottled water admit to filling their bottles from the Sydney Water mains.

August 26,2012
Laura Speranza
The Sunday Telegraph

TAKE a closer look at your bottle of “pure” water: it’s probably sourced from the tap. Millions of unsuspecting customers are buying filtered tap water and boiled rainwater at massive mark-ups of more than 180,000 per cent.

Several manufacturers admit they fill their bottles from the Sydney Water mains after applying filtration and purification procedures – but they insist customers know their water is not sourced from a mineral spring, and are happy to pay for the convenience of having it in a plastic bottle.

The major brands that describe themselves as “spring” or “mineral” water are genuine natural spring water, including Mount Franklin, Fiji Water, Pump and the Coles and Woolworths homebrands.

But supermarket and convenience stores stock brands that describe themselves as “purified” or “organic” and are in fact the same water available in every home for less than one cent a litre.

Filtered tap water – brands such as Aqua Pura, Mizone, Noble’s Pureau, Nature’s Best Organic, Active Organic and Refresh – are sold in Coles, Woolworths, Franklins and IGA as well as petrol stations and convenience stores.

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aquafil Water Refill Stations and Drinking Fountains

Water is essential for healthy living and is crucial for sporting, mental and academic performances. Tap water represents value for money as it’s cheaper for the community than buying bottled water or other soft drinks.

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