Have you ever considered the pros and cons of drinking fountains? Not sure if you should opt for a plumbed water drinking fountain or bottle-fed water cooler.

Read on to discover the benefits of a drinking fountain.

The Benefits of a Drinking Fountain vs. Bottled Water Cooler

Drinking fountains, with their waste systems, stainless steel bodywork and basins are the ideal solution for high usage areas, such as sport centres, universities, school corridors, factories and office buildings.

While some people may consider the systems to be unattractive compared to some indoor water coolers or water dispensing systems, drinking fountains are highly functional. These systems do not require bottled water delivery and don’t need much maintenance. Many drinking fountains have added options such as carbon-based filters and coil-on-coil chilling systems. This means the system can dispense a continuous supply of fresh, chilled drinking water. Bottle-fed water coolers cannot achieve this as their water supply has to be continually monitored and replaced.

While pumped water systems can dispense as much as 50 litres per hour, some  drinking fountains and refill stations can dispense  4 litres of chilled water per minute, making them ideal for use in public spaces.

What About Etiquette?

There is such a thing as etiquette for drinking fountains. When using a public fountain:

  • Wait your turn
  • If there is a queue, be patient, there will be enough water for everybody
  • Avoid placing your mouth directly on the fountain
  • Catch the water in your mouth without touching the top of the fountain


There is a myriad of advantages to installing and using drinking fountains compared to buying plastic bottles of water that are harmful to the environment.

If you would like further information about installing a fountain in your place of work, feel free to contact Aquafil today.