Originally conceived following a request by Manly Council to provide fresh filtered water to the public, aquafil has since grown into one of Sydney’s leading brands of office water coolers, drinking fountains, dispensers and refill stations – featuring in schools, universities and community areas across Australia and overseas.

The Dangers of Dehydration

Easy access to a reliable source of fresh drinking water is vital in order to stay healthy and hydrated, especially during the scorching Sydney summers, and should be a top priority of for each and every office owner, educational institution and council board.

We all know that water is crucial to the healthy functioning of our bodies. What you may be surprised to hear is that a loss of a mere 1.5% of the 65% of water that makes up our body mass is sufficient to trigger dehydration. As we go about our busy daily lives, it is easy to forget to drink enough water or simply not realise how thirsty we are until dehydration has set in. The effects of mild dehydration can be extremely draining and unpleasant, including headaches, fatigue, dizziness and changes to mood and energy levels. The effects of severe dehydration can be devastating, potentially leading to blood clots and seizures, sometimes with fatal complications.

Help Your Employees Stay Hydrated

Despite the considerable negative impact that dehydration can have on the productivity of a business, it rarely features on the radar of bosses as an issue deserving attention or priority in the workplace. Installing a filtered water cooler, drinking fountain or refill station within easy reach of employees can be a quick and easy solution to ensuring that they stay healthy, hydrated, active and mentally alert. It will also help to reduce rubbish that otherwise accumulates in office areas as a result of discarded disposable water bottles.

Invest in a Suitable Water Source Unit

aquafil’s unique and diverse range of products are available in multiple styles and designs to suit any type of office or outdoor recreational facility. As well as being wheelchair accessible, the units are cost-efficient, durable and environmentally friendly. They also include a range of optional features, such as filtered or non-filtered options, water meters to track usage, and display panels that can be used for artwork, advertising or displaying notices and messages.