Water filters are vital to ensuring that we consume purified water that does not contain contaminants, at home. Whether you draw water from a personal well, a water bubbler or the municipal supply, we all at some point want to remove some contaminants or impurities that may be found in our home water. These contaminants may be sediment, bacteria & viruses, chlorine, fluorine, mineral salts like magnesium, calcium, lead, etc.

There is an extensive range of water filters that you can choose for your home. You can buy reverse osmosis water purifiers, activated carbon filters, alkaline/ water ionisers, UV filters, ultra-red filters, etc. for filtration of water to store in office water coolers, water cooler dispensers and general water coolers. Most of these filters are usually classified into under-sink water filters, countertop filters and inline water filters. Here, we shall look more into under-sink water filters.

What are Under-Sink Water Filters?

Under sink water filters are water filtration systems that are designed specifically to be fitted in the space under your sink. They save your money, space as well as the environment. With under sink water filters, you get to enjoy free flowing filtered water, without having the precious space in your kitchen, or even worse, on top of your kitchen counter, consumed.

They make the cabinet under your sink, not just for trash, but make it more useful, with your clean cooking and drinking water originating from there. These types of water filter feature and ultra-easy installation technique and are incredibly as easy to use. Mostly, you can do the installation all by yourself, or even have a professional do it for you.

Why Under-Sink Water Filters?

These systems provide you with a long lasting purification system that ensures that any harmful chemicals present in your water are taken care of and that your cooking and drinking water is safe for consumption. They also boost your health by ensuring that they leave in the water, mineral salts that are good for your immunity and general health.

Such an ability makes them even preferable to most people than most reverse osmosis systems, which filter almost all natural minerals found in water. They also offer and greater flow/ filtration rate than reverse osmosis systems, while providing you with fresh water that boasts a natural taste and odour.

These filters are also effective in dramatically reducing chlorine and organic contaminants, to give you beautifully filtered water, right at your kitchen sink. Some other benefits of these systems include;

  • Low maintenance costs
  • The fact that they do not add any chemicals to your water, for purification purposes.
  • Large scale water production for home use
  • High-quality water


Under sink water filtration systems are available in different filter units, most of which are focused on giving you the purest and best tasting water possible. Some are even flexible enough to customise depending on the type of water available in your area, or based on your needs. The fact that they are hidden from the general view of your kitchen make them a great solution, especially if you only have limited space in your kitchen. From there, you can direct this water to your drinking fountains or water cooler dispensers.

They also have removable filter cartridges that generally last up to 6 months before needing replacement. During this time, they can offer up to 6800 litres of clear, natural and highly purified water.

Make that extra effort and acquire an under-sink water filter from Aquafil, and you don’t have to worry about bottled water ever again!