April 17, 2013
Linda Mathieson

Bottled or Tap? This is a question we should all be asking ourselves and with so much available information on the subject there should be only one answer – TAP.

Why you ask?  Well there are three very good reasons:

  • your health
  • the environment
  • and, your pockets with over half a billion dollars spent each year on bottled water.

In NSW and QLD a batch of Cool Ridge water bottles was recalled by Schweppes in 2011 after consumers complained there was a strong chlorine smell coming from their bottled water. Equipment at the bottling plant is cleaned out using chlorine and then fresh water is run through the equipment, it is likely this may not have been done in this case.

Reusing plastic bottles is also detrimental to our health as they contain Bisphenol A (BPA) which has been proven to interfere with the body’s natural hormonal messaging system.

Each year only 36% of plastic water bottles are recycled resulting in millions of plastic bottles ending up in landfill or floating around our oceans ultimately killing bird and marine life when they mistake the plastic for food.

Come on people, if we really care about our health, the environment and our wallets, lets get serious about our choices and choose Tap every time!

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aquafil Water Refill Stations and Drinking Fountains

Water is essential for healthy living and is crucial for sporting, mental and academic performances. Tap water represents value for money as it’s cheaper for the community than buying plastic water bottles or other soft drinks.

The aquafil range of Water Bottle Refill Stations and Drinking Fountains serve as a dynamic educational tool in the fight to reduce plastic waste and conserve precious resources. Full colour graphics are available on most of the aquafil range and are a valuable educational tool in helping promote a sustainable way of living and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.