Water is essential for survival and, in today’s convenience era, bottled water has become a way of life. Although it takes an average of 450 years for a disposable plastic bottle to biodegrade, often we don’t think twice about the possibility of reusing, refilling and recycling, in favour of buying, consuming and disposing. This is a nonsensical approach, given the devastating effect plastic waste is having on our planet, and also the money we could save in the long run by opting for tap water over bottled water or unhealthy sugary beverages.

It’s Time to Change our Habits

Fortunately, communities, towns and cities are beginning to wise up to sustainability issues and assume some responsibility for their environmental footprint. The Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative is just one example of some of the many projects recently initiated to encourage community members to improve the management of energy, waste, water, landscapes and materials.

Local communities and businesses can make a huge difference by discouraging purchased bottled water and instead offering the option to refill reusable bottles via office water coolers, dispensers and drinking fountains. These units not only help to conserve precious natural resources, they also reduce fossil fuel consumed in transporting bottles to landfill sites, as well as cutting down on harmful polluting waste in waterways, oceans and landfills.

The Eco-Friendly Choice

At aquafil, we feel strongly about the detrimental impact bottled water has on our environment and are committed to leading the movement for sustainable change. By promoting and dispensing safe, fresh drinking water in our communities, our drinking fountains and other products provide a substantial saving to the community, help reduce plastic bottled beverages and in turn help to achieve a healthier environment and a more sustainable future.

Our wide range of drinking fountains, refill stations and water coolers offer cost-effective solutions for all budgets and are ideal for a range of purposes, including offices, factories, public areas and schools. Every step of the manufacturing process is designed to be as clean, efficient and sustainable as possible, with a focus on reducing energy, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, thereby keeping environmental impact to a minimum. Full colour graphics are available on most of our products and are a valuable educational aid in helping promote a healthy lifestyle and sustainable living.

Help Combat Extravagant Disposable Plastic Waste

aquafil supplies affordable units to suit any application. To play your part in helping to create a greener future, and for more information or to obtain a quote, call us or fill out our contact form.