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What clients say about our drinking fountains…

 Kempsey High School Teacher, Mark Baxter

“Kempsey High School students have flocked to the new ‘filtered water bubbler’ and spoken to me frequently on how much better the water tastes, and how they want another one on the other side of the School.

“Our HSC science teacher takes samples around the School for her students to observe bacteria on the petri dish. She took samples from the old bubblers, which revealed 5 beautifully coloured bacteria growing after some days incubating. This was compared with samples from the new filtered water bubbler ……..ZERO reading on the petri dish!

“So thank you , thank you , thank you from the 500 students at KHS. NEEDLESS TO SAY, BECAUSE THE STUDENTS ARE DRINKING MORE WATER we have less temper tantrums and less headaches. I gave the students literature on how ‘dehydration’ can lead to serious diseases….it is extremely important….can’t thank you enough for making this technology available to us! We are saving up to get another one.”

Former Mayor of Manly, Dr Peter Macdonald

“From the point of production to their ultimate disposal, water bottles have a significantly negative impact on our environment.

“The production, transportation, refrigeration and disposal of water bottles is a massive waste of our natural resources and leads to excessive greenhouse gas emissions; not to mention the obvious pollution they create in our local environment.”

Edith Cowan University

“We introduced Aquafil Filtered Water Refill Stations on our campuses to encourage students and staff to re-use water containers and to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles going to landfill.”

Yarra Valley Water

The publically accessible refill stations are a better alternative to bottled water for the community, both environmentally and financially. We want to encourage the community to reuse and refill their bottles and contribute to a cleaner and healthier future.

UQ P & F Sustainability Coordinator, Suzanne Davis

“Most Australians were not aware that purchasing bottled water was costly to both the environment and to the wallet.

“It probably never occurs to you that when spending to buy one standard 600ml bottled water you might as well buy 1,000 litres of tap water.

Every year Australians spend more than $400 million on bottled water which has a carbon footprint 300 times greater than tap water.”

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