You might not have heard about it but the news from a small Australian town called Bundanoon should have made society sit up. In 2009, the town banned bottled water and instead set up public drinking fountains.

Over the last three decades bottled water has become a way of life and even most governments have started using its price to measure inflation. It is understandable that when you feel thirsty after a run, you will jump into the nearest store and get yourself that ice cold bottle of water. This seems alright because after all it is the most logical thing to do.

Damaging Effects to the Environment

A Roy Morgan Research published in 2015 shows that 4.9 million Australians drink bottled water in a week. These numbers might not mean much until you consider where all these bottles end up. The effect that these bottles have on the environment is tragic and it is no wonder big cities are now seriously considering banning this product.

You might think you are the epitome of contemporary fashion when you step out your house carrying bottled water but you don’t realize the harm you are doing the environment.  If you are an office owner, it is time to leverage a drinking water fountain because this will not only help reduce rubbish in your office but you will also be making a firm statement against further environmental degradation.

An indoor fountain helps curtail the staggering effects that plastics have on the environment in various ways:

  1. Reducing waste in landfills: Millions of water bottles are dumped in landfills across major cities and they are not only an eyesore but also pollute the environment.
  2. Reduce fossil fuel consumption in transporting water bottles to the landfills. Thousands of dumper trucks run on the Australian roads daily and part of the waste they carry is drinking water bottles. A drinking fountain bubbler will help reduce fossil fuel extraction to feed these thirsty trucks thus contributing to environmental conservation in the long run.

Timely Drinking Fountain Innovations

Outdoor drinking fountains have existed for decades but today, manufacturers are leveraging technology to bring you innovative products that can even be used in the office. Portable water fountains are just one of the cutting-edge innovations that modern manufacturers offer. As part of modern day green living, water bubblers should be a part of every property being built today to benefit the environment.

What other solutions are available? Water coolers companies in Sydney have exquisite products including water cooler filters and water cooler dispensers among other products that will discourage office users from grabbing a water bottle from the shop. The range of drinking water fountains for sale are available in multiple styles and designs to suit any type of office or outdoor recreational facility.